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10 gifts for the most practical person in your life


Everyone’s knows someone who, every year around the holidays, insists that you don’t get them any gifts. “I have everything I need already!” they say. “Don’t waste your money on stuff I won’t use!”

Well, we say that not giving gifts is simply no fun. So we found presents that are sure to be a hit with even the most practical people. Hey, it’s not a waste of money if they use it, right?

1. AirPods (3rd Generation)

Apple AirPods, $169

The latest AirPods make the perfect present.
Credit: Apple

OK, so definitely check that your practical person doesn’t already own some, because AirPods are one of the most practical gifts out there. But if they haven’t made the wireless earbud jump yet, or have been rocking a super-old pair in desperate need of an update, check out Apple’s latest AirPods.

The third-generation buds pack longer battery life, spatial audio for a truly enveloping sound experience, force sensors with more precise gesture controls, and more into a new design — and they cost less than the AirPods Pro.

They’re the perfect gift for anyone who takes a lot of work calls, loves music, or is always listening to podcasts.

2. A cute new keyboard

Azio IZO Wireless Keyboard, $139.99

Look at that adorable work from home setup!
Credit: Azio

Some of us are still working from home or in a home-office hybrid situation these days, and never took the time to deck out our home desk setups. The IZO Wireless Keyboard from Azio gives users a beautiful keyboard with a super functional layout for all their working (or gaming!) needs.

The keys are satisfyingly clicky, and the keyboard comes in three colors (Blue Iris, Baroque Rose, and White Blossom) with gold accents. You can toss in a wireless mouse and calculator from the IZO collection too if you want to gift a complete set.

Bonus: A mobile monitor

Lenovo HD L15 Mobile Monitor, $229.99

Double down on screen space.
Credit: Lenovo

Many of us have bought additional monitors for our WFH days, but a mobile monitor is a great gift idea for anyone who works from multiple locations. Instead of squinting at your tiny laptop screen when you’re on the go, just connect to the Lenovo HD L15 Mobile Monitor via USB-C, and you’ve virtually doubled your screen real estate with its 15.6 inch anti-glare screen.

3. A protective phone case

Otter + Pop Symmetry Series, $59.95

A great phone case AND a phone grip? Yes, please.
Credit: Otterbox

If your practical person tends to go for the lowest price rather than the best quality when buying a phone case, take this holiday season as a chance to upgrade their gear.

OtterBox, which is known for making super sturdy products, has partnered with PopSocket to make cases with a built-in customizable phone grip. Having a phone grips helps minimize the chances of dropping your phone and makes holding a bigger phone more comfortable.

We recommend checking out the Symmetry series, which is available for the iPhone 8 and newer and the Galaxy S20 and up, for a perfect combo of durable and decorative.

4. An air fryer

Ninja AF100, $89

This gadget churns out some of the yummiest crispy foods.
Credit: Ninja

For the cooking fanatic who may not have time to babysit an oven recipe, an air fryer solves a lot of problems. Not only are air fryer recipes all the rage on TikTok these days, but popping your food into an air fryer almost guarantees a tasty and quick meal that takes very little effort.

For an air fryer that takes up the least counter space, check out the Ninja AF100. If you’re willing to sacrifice a little square footage for more features, we also love the Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer.

5. A smart speaker

Amazon Echo, $99 (on sale at time of print for $49)

A smart speaker makes controlling your music that much easier.
Credit: Amazon

While not entirely necessary, a smart speaker like an Amazon Echo just makes life more seamless.

If the person you’re gifting likes to jam out to a playlist while doing chores or add products to their Amazon cart throughout the day, the speaker’s Alexa voice assistant makes all of it easier.

Of course, if your practical person is all in on the Apple or Google ecosystems, definitely go the route of a HomePod mini or Google Nest. Either way, their home DJing skills are about to level up.

6. Slippers

Bombas Gripper Slippers, $45

Nobody doesn’t like slippers. Even the most practical person will appreciate some cozy footwear to shuffle around the house. Our favorite sock brand Bombas makes some colorful knit slippers that have little grips on the bottom because slipper safety is important. You could also go the classic route and gift some L.L. Bean slippers which are beloved for their shearling lining and iconic look.

Cozy and cute slippers are always appreciated.
Credit: Bombas

7. A really good vacuum

Dyson V8, $349.99

The gift of a vacuum may have been a little Stepford Wives in the past, but vacuum tech has come a long way. Nowadays, nothing says “I love you” like giving someone a powerful cordless Dyson or a zero-effort Roomba. You’re basically gifting someone hassle-free cleaning, which any practical person can appreciate.

A gamechanger for practical pet owners.
Credit: Dyson

8. A handy entryway key holder

Yamazaki Magnetic Key Holder, $29

Optimizing your entryway is the ultimate organization flex. Instead of throwing your keys, mail, sunglasses, hat, etc. on the nearest surface like Miranda Priestly, a wall organizer provides a home for it all. The practical person in your life will appreciate something that keeps your entryway organized and clutter-free.

This one from Yamazaki has five hooks, and a compartment for holding anything else. Plus, it can be mounted magnetically, so you don’t have they don’t have to worry about drilling holes in the wall.

A dream-come-true for entryway organization.
Credit: Yamazaki

9. A fanny pack

Cotopaxi Kapai 1.5 L. Hip Pack, $30

Fanny packs, or belt bags, if you wanna be cute, are the ultimate practical gift. So practical, in fact, that they used to be considered the accessory for people who had zero vanity or interest in style. But now, the hands-free and secure convenience of a fanny pack is fashionable. You opt for the chic minimalist look with a black leather belt bag or lean into the gorpcore aesthetic with a color-block fanny pack made of rugged nylon with multiple compartments.

Who would’ve guessed the practical fanny pack is now trendy.
Credit: Cotopaxi

10. A dual-purpose charging lamp

West Elm LED Wireless Charging & USB Task Lamp, $150

What’s more practical than a lighting or a phone charger? A product that combines the two. Give the gift of multipurpose functionality with a charging lamp. This one has a small footprint so it doesn’t take up too much space on a bedside table and the base has a wireless charging dock and has a USB port so you can charge multiple devices.

Your giftee probably loves it when form meets function.
Credit: West Elm

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