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A lifetime subscription to this iOS scanner app is on sale for under £40

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TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to the iScanner app is on sale for £32.59, saving you 79% on list price.

Whether you need a digital copy of a book or to send in some late homework, a scanner can be a great tool for students, professionals, and more. Gift shopping for a student can be as simple as giving them a tool they’ll always have a use for. iScanner is an iOS app that can create high-quality scans in seconds. 

This is your chance to get a lifetime subscription to iScanner for yourself or your student, and it’s 79% off. 

You can’t do their homework for them, but you can give a student the tools to turn their work in on time. Whether they’re using it for research, to turn in their work, or to make better copies of readings from class, a quality scanner could come in handy. iScanner is an OCR scanner, meaning it can recognise text from almost any scannable object. The benefit here is that you can basically take a picture of a page and turn it into a searchable document. 

Once a document is scanned, users can edit, e-sign it, or even add stamps. iScanner’s editing features are great for refreshing an old document into a new print. Colour correct, remove curves and warps, and minimise noise with a few clicks. Store scans as multipage PDFs or JPEG files that are easy to share. Or add a password and protect confidential scans behind a PIN.

Documents aren’t the only thing iScanner can read. Point it at a passport or ID and get a digital copy in moments. Reading a QR code menu is a lot easier when you have a smart QR reader in your camera. iScanner even counts similar objects and can solve typed or handwritten math equations. Use the area measurement feature to find out just how much room there actually is in a dorm or apartment. 

Scan a paper or a room with this versatile iOS app. Get a lifetime subscription to iScanner for just £32.59 — no coupon needed. 

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