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Add Tempo fitness equipment to your home gym with these post-holiday deals

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Tempo is running a post-holiday sale, so if you’re trying to work on your New Year’s resolution to get more active, give it a look. Here are the top deals on Tempo’s smart home gyms as of Jan. 5:

OUR TOP PICK: The Tempo Studio Starter Package is an all-inclusive package with a smart mirror and accessories for those getting started with weight lifting — $1,695 $2,495 (save $800)

BEST BUDGET PICK: The Tempo Move is a space-saving budget option that comes with over 50 pounds of weights to help you get a great workout — $395 $495 (save $100)

It’s 2023, and you know what that means: time to buy new fitness gear to liven up your workouts. If you’ve been thinking about getting into lifting but have no desire to hit the gym or add huge dumbbells to your home setup, a Tempo smart home gym is a great alternative.

Tempo is a fantastic pick for both new and veteran strength trainers. Whether you need a stack of adjustable weights, with options ranging from 1.25 pounds to 45 pounds, or a smart fitness mirror that can help curate a custom workout, there’s something for everyone.

As of Jan. 5, Tempo is offering up to $800 off its Tempo Studio Starter Package and $100 off the budget-friendly Tempo Move. These prices are some of the best we’ve seen on the svelte fitness gear. Read on to learn more about each pick.

Our top pick

Why we like it

The Tempo Studio Starter Package is a great option for anyone looking to start lifting weights. Most importantly, you get the Tempo smart mirror, which Mashable reviewer Brenda Stolyar called “the answer to all your weight training needs” in her review. The sleek and compact fitness mirror features a large touchscreen display and packs hundreds of live and on-demand workouts with a built-in 3D sensor to track your lifting form and progress. You also get a workout mat, two 7.5-pound dumbbells, and 75 pounds of weight plates as part of the package, so you can get started immediately with everything you need to get swole at your disposal.

Best budget pick

Why we like it

The Tempo Move is a more affordable option with a much smaller footprint than the Tempo Studio, but it offers a similar experience. You get a collection of over 50 pounds of weights, a storage cabinet, and an HDMI cable to get everything set up properly. Plus, each weight is color-coded, which helps the Move’s 3D Tempo Vision scan and recognize each one for accurate tracking. It doesn’t come with a screen, but that’s easily remedied by adding your phone or using your TV for workouts and weight recommendations.

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