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Aubrey Plaza has *thoughts* on what really happened with Harper in ‘The White Lotus’

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It’s one of the lingering questions of The White Lotus Season 2: did they or didn’t they?

Whether or not Harper (Aubrey Plaza) and Cameron (Theo James) did more than “just kiss” before Ethan (Will Sharpe) banged on the hotel room door remained one of the crucial points of tension in the final two episodes of the HBO series, and one that only gets resolved through Harper’s confession — though she calls it a “drunk, dumb nothing.” But does she tell Ethan the whole truth? We never actually find out!

Plaza offered up her thoughts to Seth Meyers on Late Night following the finale, and folks, she’s not convinced kissing was the limit.

“Just a kiss?” Plaza asks Meyers, who believes Harper’s tale. “I know what happened, OK? And what happened is…we did some stuff. And I hated every minute of it. It was disgusting. And there was no penetration!”

Plaza poses the other question we never get an answer for. We’re talking Ethan and Daphne and Isola Bella: “But what does my husband do? That’s the real question.”

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