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Ayo Edebiri hilariously explains how she became the fake showrunner of ‘The Kominsky Method’

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The Bear star Ayo Edebiri is not the showrunner of Chuck Lorre’s The Kominsky Method, but everyone thought she was, thanks to a snowballed joke that became Inception-level idea-planting.

Appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Edebiri spoke about the lauded FX series, her experiences in the restaurant industry, and clearing up that whole Kominsky Method business.

“I just sort of started saying that I was, because I thought it would be funny,” says Edebiri in the interview clip above.

“Like in interviews or something?” asks Colbert.

“Um, just around. And then on Twitter I had it in my bio as well,” she adds — and it’s still on there now. “I just thought what an incredible world that would be if a young Black woman in her mid-20s created this show where Michael Douglas and Allan Arkin are acting. Have I watched a single episode? No. But I already get the gist, you know what I mean?”

“They’re old. They’re men. I got it!” says Colbert.

“I got it! I got it!” replies Edebiri.

Superb ruse. 11/10.

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