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Best Buy has a bevy of Samsung smartwatches on sale

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If you want to track your fitness, sleep, and stress levels for a healthier 2023, a smartwatch can be a great investment. As of Jan. 11, Best Buy has deals on various Samsung smartwatches. We rounded up the best ones:

BEST OVERALL DEAL: The Samsung Galaxy4 smartwatch, 44mm (open box) is sleek and compact. $149.99 $279.99 (save $130)

BEST 40MM SMARTWATCH: The Samsung Galaxy Watch4, 40mm includes LTE — perfect for adventurers who love to go off-the-grid. $199.99 $249.99 (save $50)

BEST REFURBISHED SMARTWATCH: The Samsung certified refurbished Galaxy Watch4, 44mm offers fitness, sleep, and heart monitoring at a price you’ll love. $229.99 $279.99 (save $50)

Best overall deal

Why we like it

This open-box Samsung Galaxy4 smartwatch has a 44mm screen so you can easily see how you’re doing in real-time. It features body composition analysis, continuous SpO2 (oxygen saturation) technology, and ECG monitoring so you can track your heart rate. Connect this smartwatch to your phone to receive calls and texts and listen to music while on the go.

Open-box deals include items that were on display at a physical Best Buy store but are still in excellent condition. Note that open-box items may not always have their original packaging and tend to go fast. But if you miss the open-box price, you can still get a discount on the Samsung Galaxy4 at $199.99, or $80 off the original price.

Best 40mm smartwatch

Why we like it

The Samsung Galaxy Watch4 features a more compact 40mm design that’s great for people who love to run or prefer a less bulky design. Along with fitness trackers, a heart monitor, and a sleep tracker, this watch includes a trip detector — the watch will send an SOS to a designated emergency contact in case you should experience a hard fall during your adventures. It’s also fully equipped with ovulation, period, and fertility trackers for cycle tracking.

Best refurbished smartwatch

Why we like it

Featuring the standard features you’ll find on other Samsung smartwatches, this certified refurbished Samsung Galaxy Watch4 features a larger 44mm screen. You can monitor your sleep, heart rate, and activity levels so you can see the progress you make toward your fitness goals. It’s fully equipped with features that let you join group activities with friends and family, such as step-counting challenges, or pay for items using Google Pay. Need to stay connected? This watch is compatible with other Samsung devices so you can receive calls and texts on the go.

Geek Squad-certified refurbished products at Best are repaired, restored, and tested so they work just like their brand-new counterparts, and you can still return or exchange refurbished items if needed.

More deals like this

Samsung Geek Squad certified Galaxy Watch4, 44mm (green) $239.99 $279.99 (save $40)

Samsung Geek Squad certified refurbished Galaxy Watch4, 46mm (black) $289.99 $379.99 (save $90)

Samsung Geek Squad certified refurbished Galaxy Watch4, 46mm (silver) $299.99 $379.99 (save $480)

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