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BetterHelp helps combat holiday blues with access to licensed mental health pros

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TL;DR; BetterHelp’s professional online therapy platform connects people with qualified mental health professionals. You can save 25% on your first month of appointments after signing up.

In the heart of the holiday season, please remember this — almost two out of every three people with a mental illness say the holidays make their conditions even worse. The holiday blues are real. Stress, loneliness, and general anxiety ratchet up during the hectic holidays and can make almost anyone’s mental health feel unmanageable. 

Getting help to deal with those seasonal pressures can sometimes feel almost as unmanageable. But, even for those who wouldn’t know how to start dealing with their feelings, BetterHelp offers a clear path for addressing any mental health challenge head-on.

After nearly a decade of service, BetterHelp is a professional online therapy platform. It connects over 3 million people with a qualified mental health professional and coordinates over 250 million sessions to help sufferers cope with their problems.

No matter the mental health issue, BetterHelp likely has a professional close by with the training and experience to help make a difference. From seasonal anxiety and depression to family conflicts to sleep disorders and addiction, visit the BetterHelp website and answer a few short questions to connect with a licensed pro ready to help.

With over 28,000 certified and experienced psychologists, marriage and family therapists, clinical social workers, and accredited professionals in the BetterHelp network, they vow to get each person connected with a clinician within 48 hours.

And these clinicians come with the tools to truly help. Each holds a master’s degree or doctorate in their field, has worked with patients for at least three years, and has completed more than 1,000 hands-on hours.

Meanwhile, BetterHelp is fully adaptable in how it provides help; In addition to scheduling in-person appointments in your area, BetterHelp therapists are also available for live online text, phone, and video conferencing sessions. Depending on your area and the clinician’s schedule, most are also on-call at all hours to help in the event of a crisis.

BetterHelp also rigorously safeguards patient data. For example, they don’t require anyone’s full name in setting up services, and all information exchanged between clients and therapists is digitally encrypted and shielded under doctor-patient confidentiality protections.

Meanwhile, BetterHelp represents decent savings over regular therapy sessions that can cost upward of $200 an hour. Through BetterHelp, most sessions are said to be between $60 and $90 a week.

Each clinician is backed by client recommendations, so you can see how past patients responded to their treatment.

For a limited time, Mashable readers can also save 25 percent off their first month of appointments after signing up.

Prices subject to change.

Credit: BetterHelp

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