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Build a gorgeous display of orchids with this LEGO set for adults that’s 20% off

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SAVE $10: As of Dec. 8, the LEGO Icons Orchid building set for adults is available on Amazon for $39.99. That’s a savings of 20%.

Gifting during the holidays can be a stressful task, but a good bet for a memorable present is something that combines play with quality time. And this gorgeous LEGO set for adults ticks all the boxes.

The LEGO Icons Orchid 10311 building set for adults is available at Amazon for $39.99, which is 20% off — and also its lowest-ever price. This functional and beautiful LEGO set is ranked number one on Amazon’s best toy building sets, with good reason.

The set may seem easy at first glance, but don’t be deceived; it’s a doozy. You need to build a complex vase and an orchid plant with all its parts — such as flowers, roots, stems, and leaves — from 608 individual pieces. However, there is no perfect combination for arranging the orchid, as the plastic stems and other parts of the LEGO plant can be rearranged to create new combinations of flower arrangements.

The final product has an extremely realistic appearance and can make for a great showpiece in your home. Many users gave rave reviews even to the product’s instruction booklet, which comes with detailed guidance. Given the complexity of this set, LEGO recommends it for ages 17 and up. And at this price, you can snap up a set for all your friends!

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