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Build the best WFH setup thanks to a new all-time low price on a Samsung 32-inch smart monitor


Save $70: As of Nov. 16, the 32-inch Samsung M50B FHD smart monitor is on sale for just $229.99 at Amazon. This is 23% off the regular retail price and marks a new all-time low.

There’s a lot that goes into creating the ultimate home office. Even after you make your pick from the best laptops out there, you’ll soon discover you need a more sizable screen to achieve even better WFH productivity.

If you plan to use your monitor for more than just work, consider the Samsung 32-inch M50B smart monitor that’s now $229.99 at Amazon. After the $70 discount, this marks the best deal so far on the 2022 refresh of Samsung’s M50 series.

What sets the Samsung M50B apart from other monitors is that you don’t even need to hook up a computer to use a lot of features. While not a true all-in-one PC, the M50B includes built-in streaming features so you can turn it on and connect it to WiFi to watch Netflix, YouTube, or anything else. You can even browse the internet and work on some documents that don’t require the processing power of a desktop or laptop.

If you’re on a lot of video calls, the SlimFit camera includes tilt functionality so you can always get the perfect angle. The FHD display also features an adaptive picture to automatically adjust brightness for whatever’s on screen, plus the built-in speakers add an extra immersive layer for all types of music and videos. Even without a PC, the M50B allows for mobile connectivity with either Samsung devices or AirPlay integration for all Apple devices.

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