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Buy a cheap Apple lightning-to-headphone adapter and get free trials of Apple TV+ and more

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Save $2.40, plus get free trials of Apple TV+, Apple News, and Apple Music: Today, if you buy Apple’s lightning-to-3.5mm headphone adapter for $7.49 at Best Buy, you not only save $2.40 off its original price of $9.99, but you also get up to three free months of Apple TV+, and up to four free months of Apple News+ and Apple Music.

Remember that little headphone jack that used to make it so easy for you to connect any wired headphones to your iPhone? Those were the days, weren’t they? If you still want to plug your wired headphones into your iPhone, we’ve got just the cheap ticket — and it comes with plenty of Apple freebies.

Today you can make a small investment of $7.59 to purchase Apple’s lightning-to-headphone adapter at Best Buy. You save $2.40 today off its original price, plus you get up to three free months of Apple TV+, and up to four free months of Apple News+ and Apple Music. (These free trials are for new or returning subscribers only.)

Considering one month of Apple News+ costs $9.99, one month of Apple Music costs $4.99, and one month of Apple TV+ costs approximately $7, this is a pretty sweet deal. In total, you could save about $84 on the subscriptions and adapter combined.

This deal is part of Best Buy’s daily Apple deals, so it likely won’t be there tomorrow. Snag it now so you can have all the entertainment you need this holiday season.

Apple lightning-to-3.5mm headphone adapter
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$7.59 at Best Buy (save $2.40, plus get free subscriptions to Apple TV+, Apple Music, and Apple News)

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