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Capture crisp photos in the wild with 35% off a pair of camera binoculars

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TL;DR: Snag a pair of HD Digital Camera Binoculars for just $129.95 instead of $199.99 as of Dec. 22. That’s 35% in savings.

When hiking through the mountains or a damp forest, you probably shouldn’t use your phone or DSLR so much. A pair of binoculars can give you a sharp view of nature, but memories don’t last forever. When planning your next outdoor excursion, bring along a pair of HD Digital Camera Binoculars and get a great view you can save for later. For a limited time, these camera binoculars are on sale for $129.95 (reg. $199). 

A pair of sturdy binoculars with a video camera inside 

Don’t risk your phone for a picture. Bring the right equipment for the job. These binoculars are waterproof, anti-fog, and anti-dust, and they have shock protection. While your phone or expensive camera might break from a nasty drop, these binoculars should shrug the fall right off. 

Take a gander at the world around you in 12 times magnification. If you’ve ever wanted to try bird watching, don’t wing it. Instead, bring the right tool for the job and use a pair of binoculars with a 5MP camera and a compact fold-out LCD screen. 

Photos are saved as JPEGs, and videos are recorded as AVI files, and you can store both on the 8GB TF card included with your purchase. The binocular function is entirely analog, but the camera uses an internal 750mAh battery, so you may need a portable power bank to recharge when deep in the wilds. Finally, the binoculars come with a cleaning cloth and micro USB cable to stay powered up and tidy.

Save your view of nature for later 

Whether you’re birdwatching, hunting, stargazing, or just enjoying the landscape, make sure you can record what you see. Get a pair of HD Digital Camera Binoculars for just $129.95 (reg. $199). 

Prices subject to change. 

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