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CES 2023: Razer made a haptic head cushion so you can ‘feel’ the game


Razer brought a…unique way to make your PC gaming more immersive to CES 2023.

At the trade show in Las Vegas, the popular gaming peripheral brand unveiled what it calls “Project Carol.” It’s a head cushion you attach to the top of your PC gaming chair and it provides rear audio as well as haptic feedback tied to whatever game you’re playing. Razer didn’t give out any price or availability details, however, which makes sense considering Project Carol is likely not its real name anyway.

The company didn’t have much else in the way of specifics about Project Carol to share, but there are a few small details to comb through. The audio is 7.1 surround sound and the haptics are powered by Razer’s “HyperSense” tech, which has previously been used in Razer’s gaming headsets. It’s supposed to fit any gaming chair you have and connects wirelessly to a PC via a 2.4GHz connection.

Oh, and it’s battery-powered. Razer says it can play for up to eight hours before it needs a recharge. You should probably also recharge if you play a video game for eight hours straight.

Is Project Carol a literal game-changer? Who knows. At the very least, it’s fun when companies try weird stuff.

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