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Drake’s exes unionize in new ‘SNL’ sketch


Are you a woman who’s ever had an encounter with Drake that then turns into him using your likeness to diss you in a song? Well, you may be entitled to financial compensation.

In a new sketch from Saturday Night Live, the exes of the rapper Drake have had enough—they’re unionizing as the “United Tingz of Aubrey.”

For too long Drake has written hit after hit about women who have wronged him (and some women who’ve done nothing at all).

“My name is Courtney,” starts one ex, played by Ego Nwodim. “I left Drake a voicemail once about an overdue car payment and now I’m an interlude on an album. How does that work?”

You didn’t even have to be dating Drake to catch his scorn.

“That Keke do you love me song ruined my damn life,” says host Keke Palmer. “That man had the whole internet asking if I’m the Keke, well yes I’m THE Keke but just not that Keke. Stop acting like we smashed and give me my damn six million dollars.”

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