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Dyson’s cheapest laser vacuum is at its lowest price yet


SAVE $150: As of Nov. 22, the Dyson V12 Detect cordless vacuum is for sale at $499.99. That’s a savings of 23%.

As Doctor Evil discovered, lasers make everything better. Dyson’s engineers had the same thought when they put a laser on their most popular cordless upright vacuum: Designed to highlight microscopic pieces of debris that can’t be seen by the naked eye, this future-tech shows you spots that need your cleaning attention.

This is already Dyson’s cheapest laser-equipped vacuum, but Best Buy has it before Black Friday at $150 off. The list price is usually $649.99, but now it’s $499.99.

We love lasers, and we love trick future-tech, and we love anything that makes our regular boring chores easier. That’s why we made the Dyson V12 Detect a Mashable Choice when we reviewed it. The Motorbar can fight its way through pet hair without getting tangled up. It converts easily to a handheld vacuum and comes in a cool gray and yellow color scheme, which adds to the futuristic look.

The laser light show is a “game changer”, especially on bare hardwood floors, showing just how much dust can accumulate without you realizing it. Plus, if you love stats, the V12 Detect has a digital display that tells you the size and amount of particles encountered.

We’d prefer it if the battery lasted longer, but it’s this reduced capacity that allows Dyson to price this model at the lower end of its laser-equipped vacuum range. Best Buy has deals on nearly all Dyson vacuums, but at $499.99 this is still the cheapest one with a laser. Check it out at Best Buy before Black Friday.

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