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Ease into the new year with these Gaiam gear deals


If you’ve always wanted to try yoga, now’s your chance to do it on a budget. As of Jan. 5, Gaiam has great deals on their equipment on Amazon.

BEST YOGA MAT: the Gaiam 5-millimeter yoga mat is the perfect non-slip mat for yoga and floor workouts. $46.73 $69.98 (save $23.25)

BEST MASSAGE ROLLER: the Gaiam cold therapy massage roller provides much-needed relief after a strenuous workout. $14.27 $24.98 (save $10.71)

BEST BALANCE BALL: the Gaiam balance ball kit is great for sitting exercises and core stabilization routines. $18.16 $26.99 (save $8.83)

Why we like it

A non-slip yoga mat is essential to the practice of yoga, and a great way to get in a few other types of floor workouts. With its 5-millimeter width, this mat has just the right thickness to provide a soft surface while allowing you to feel the right amount of firmness. It also wicks away moisture so you can continue to work out after a sweat, or if you wish to try hot yoga. This Gaiam yoga mat measures 68 inches in length and 24 inches in width.

Why we like it

Cold therapy is a great way to soothe sore spots around your muscles after a challenging exercise routine. This Gaiam cold therapy massage roller can hold cold temperatures for up to 20 minutes. All you need to do is pop it in the freezer for 20 minutes so it’ll be ready for you to use. Its ergonomic design is created to help you reach tough areas. At the right temperature and angle, you can also use it to stimulate a deep-tissue massage for an effective recovery.

Why we like it

Balance balls are a great way to upgrade your home workout setup. They’re great for simple core strengthening exercises and as an alternative chair. The Gaiam balance ball kit includes this ball, a pump, and an exercise guide. You’ll always be ready to conquer your workouts with ease. Note that you may need to reinflate the ball 1 to 2 times shortly after purchase so the ball can retain its rightful size.

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Gaiam restore cold therapy muscle massage ball $16.99 $19.99 (save $3)

Gaiam essentials balance ball and base kit $23.48 $32.99 (save $9.51)

Gaiam folding travel fitness and exercise mat $17.98 $24.99 (save $7.01)

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