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Get 18 bottles of fall wine sent to your door for just $70

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TL;DR: As of Nov. 4, you can get the Splash Wine’s Top 18 Wines for Fall collection for just $69.99 instead of $350 — that’s an 80% discount.

Whether you’re with family or keeping things low-key this year, the holidays are a great time to enjoy a nice bottle of wine. You could go with a familiar bottle, but you might enjoy experiencing a new bouquet of flavors sent straight to your door. Splash Wines has a top 18 fall wine collection, and you can get an early-released Black Friday price as part of the Every Friday is Black Friday sale during November — so be sure to look out for more special deals next Friday. Get 18 bottles shipped to your home for just $69.99. No coupon code needed. 

18 bottles of wine at your door 

On cool fall days, you might like a different wine than what you’d be sipping on warm summer evenings, and Splash Wines knows it. That’s why they have curated collections for each season, and now they’ve released their Top 18 for fall. This collection includes reds, whites, and bubbly, but you aren’t locked into a set selection. 

The mixed collection could be a nice way of accounting for the diverse tastes of your guests at a big holiday dinner, but you have options. Plus, if you don’t like one of the wines, you can get a store credit for the amount you paid for the bottle.

If you break it down by bottle, this is a great price for high-quality wine. Just make sure to factor in the shipping cost along with state and local taxes. You also need to provide ID proving you’re 21 or older to purchase and sign for your wine delivery. 

An autumn wine collection you’ll fall for 

Planning on enjoying some wine with your guests at the next holiday gathering? You could get 18 bottles set straight to your door. Normally, Splash Wine’s Top 18 Wines for Fall collection would cost $350, but you can grab it for an early Black Friday price of $69.99. 

Prices subject to change.

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