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Get 20% off the same workout equipment Apolo Ohno uses

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TL;DR: As of Dec. 15, you can snag the Brrrn Board on sale for just $279.20 instead of $349 when you use the code WINTER20 at checkout. That’s 20% in savings.

You don’t need bulky fitness equipment to get a fun, invigorating workout at home. All you need is a few feet of flat space and a Brrrn Board. This six-foot adjustable slideboard is all it takes to challenge yourself to exercise like eight-time gold medalist Apolo Ohno, and you can get it for $279.20 until 11:59 p.m. PT on December 15 with code WINTER20

Make your home workout fun 

This recycled polymer blend is designed to be naturally slippery and is totally low-tech. Research your own slideboard workouts or get hundreds of on-demand and motivational exercises straight from Brrrn Board. Either way, you’re going to feel the “Brrrn” before too long. You can try a full-body workout or focus on the legs with different slideboard exercises. As you move on this unique, slippery board, you may even find that your balance, mobility, and endurance are naturally improving. When you’re ready to Brrrn some calories, just put on your included slide booties.

Most workout equipment isn’t great for small spaces. Exercise bikes are bulky and a treadmill might not match the style in your home. The Brrrn Board may be six feet long, but it also only stands a little over two inches off the ground. Slide it under the couch when you’re done and nobody will be the wiser. Just don’t forget to use the ArmorAll Board Wipes when you’re done for the day. 

Slide into fitness 

Looking for a fun way to exercise at home? Try hundreds of different workouts with this low-impact fitness equipment. For one day only, get the Brrrn Board on sale for $279.20 when you use code WINTER20. That code also gets you 20% off any item in this Winter Savings Collection through December 15.

Prices subject to change. 

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