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Give the gift of warmth with an Ember mug on sale

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Give the gift of warm drinks with an Ember temperature-controlled mug. As of Dec. 5, here are our picks for the best Ember Mug deals:

BEST EMBER MUG2 DEAL: The Ember Mug² is equipped with a built-in battery and includes a charging coaster $90.95 $129.95 (save $39) 

BEST EMBER TRAVEL MUG2 DEAL: The Ember Travel Mug² maintains your chosen temperature for three hours on a single charge — $139.95 $199.95 (save $60)

With exactly 20 days until Christmas, shoppers might be starting to feel overwhelmed. After a Black Friday season that basically lasted two months, we understand.

If you’re in panic mode and are struggling to find last-minute gifts for everyone on your list, we have a gift idea that’s perfect for anyone who enjoys a cozy night spent snuggled up on the couch or a warm cup of coffee in the morning: an Ember temperature-controlled mug.

Best Ember mug deal 

Why we like it 

The Ember Mug² is designed with a built-in battery that can hold a set temperature (120°F – 145°F) for 1.5 hours. This smart mug can also maintain an all-day temperature with the Ember charging coaster, which is included. The Ember Mug² is not dishwasher safe.

Best Ember travel mug deal 

Why we like it 

The Ember Travel Mug² is designed to keep your beverages hot on the go. This smart mug can maintain a set temperature for three hours or all day on the included charging coaster. Additionally, the Ember Travel Mug² features an LED display that lets you know when it’s reached your desired temperature. The display also alerts you when the mug needs charging or when your beverage has reached a temperature that’s too hot to drink.

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