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Google’s Year in Search 2022 was dominated by, of course, ‘Wordle’

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What have we googled the most in 2022? Even though the year behind us was all but uneventful, it appears that the thing most people were interested in was a simple game of word-guessing.

On Wednesday, Google has launched its traditional Year in Search review for 2022, and the top trending search of the year was Wordle. Terms related to the war in Ukraine and the death of Queen Elizabeth, as well as cricket results, rounded out the top five trending searches according to Google.

No real surprises here.
Credit: Google

Google also lists the most-searched-for actors (Johnny Depp and Will Smith led the way — and not for good reasons), athletes (with Novak Djokovic on top), movies (Thor: Love and Thunder hammered Black Adam, Top Gun: Maverick, The Batman, and the film everyone googles but we don’t talk about: Encanto), and TV shows (with Euphoria squeezing House of the Dragon into second place, followed by Moon Knight, The Watcher, and Inventing Anna).

Perhaps the most amusing part of Google’s overview is the less obvious categories, such as top houseplants searched for with Google Lens, topped by the good old philodendron, or the top scenic hotspots on Google Maps, which is headed by the Sky Garden in London.

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This year, Google also launched a local hub for Year in Search, where you can enter a ZIP code or a city name and see what people near that location searched for this year.

Check out all of the Year in Search 2022 lists on Google’s hub.

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