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Grab an earbud upgrade for any style and budget

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A great pair of earbuds can truly enhance your commute, work day, or workout routine. Here are a few deals to help you find the best upgrade.

BEST BUDGET EARBUDS: The Sony wired extra bass earbuds are an inexpensive pick for work calls and workouts $28 $44.99 (save $16.99)

BEST STYLISH EARBUDS: The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are chic, wireless, and come with a battery-charging case and active noise cancelation $89.99 $149.99 (save $60)

BEST STUDIO-QUALITY EARBUDS: These Sennheiser Momentum earbuds include stereo sound music lovers will adore $167.59 $299.95 (save $132.36)

Best budget earbuds

Why we like it

These budget-friendly Sony wired extra bass earbuds are now available at an ever lower price than usual — only $28. Featuring an inline remote and mic, you’ll be able to take any work or personal call with ease. Sony also equipped these earbuds with Bass Duct ++ to enhance bass in your favorite songs for a more club-like experience. Worried about fit? Four earbud tips in various sizes are included so you can find your perfect fit.

Best stylish earbuds

Why we like it

Need to look chic while taking calls or tuning out the world? The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live in bronze are for those who love function, style, and sound. Battery life lasts up to eight hours depending on features and volume used. But if you run out, the charging case can quickly charge your earbuds so you can keep talking and listening. These earbuds also include support for Bixby and are compatible with Google Assistant. Active noise cancelation will also help you avoid distractions so you can focus on the things that are important to you.

Best studio-quality earbuds

Why we like it

Sennheiser is known for its studio-quality headphones, and these earbuds give you a taste of stereo sound without spending huge bucks. Its stylish case and ergonomic design make these fashionable earbuds a statement accessory — perfect for high-stakes work-from-home calls. It’s fully equipped with active noise cancelation to reduce distractions. Plus, its battery lasts seven hours, but can last up to 28 hours when you take your charger case with you. Did we mention they’re 44% off?

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