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Here’s your best chance at getting an Xbox Series S before the holidays (at a discount, too)

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SAVE UP TO $70: As of Dec. 9, you can save up to $70 on an Xbox Series S console at Walmart (including an extra controller).

Xbox Series S Holiday Console$239.99 $299 (save $59.01)

Xbox Series S with extra Wireless Controller$289.99 $359.99 (save $70)

Still hyped after The Game Awards and all the new announcements that came along with them? Us too. What better time is there to pick up a new console? With the holidays coming up soon, it’s just meant to be.

Here’s your chance to get one on sale. Not only is the Xbox Series S readily available at Walmart, but it’s also up to $70 off depending on which bundle you choose: Save $59.01 on the Holiday Console version, or save $70 on the regular version that comes with an extra wireless controller.

There’s really no better budget console on the market right now than the Xbox Series S, especially when it comes to new-gen. It’s affordable, compact, and boasts almost all the great features that its fancier (and pricier) sibling, the Xbox Series X, does. That includes lightning-fast load times, 120 FPS and HDR support, raytracing, and more. The only things you won’t get are the built-in disc drive or true 4K resolution of the Series X, but you’ll be able to play games in 1440p, which still looks fantastic. Add on an Xbox Game Pass subscription (which we highly recommend), and you have a pretty amazing combo for the price.

Grab yours before it’s gone — pick up an Xbox Series S Holiday Console at Walmart and save $59.01, or get the regular version for $70 off and get an extra controller.

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