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John Oliver’s dive into election subversion features an explosive Nick Offerman cameo

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With the Midterm elections now only a day away, various Republican candidates and voices on the right have returned to their favourite subject: voter fraud. Specifically, the heavily debunked falsehood spread by former president Donald Trump about the results of the 2020 election.

John Oliver has previously spent time breaking down, point by point, exactly why these baseless claims of election fraud are ridiculous, as well as debunking Trump’s claims about mail-in voting. On Sunday’s episode of Last Week Tonight he returned to the topic once again, this time going through some of the running Republican candidates who believe or permeate these false “stolen election” claims, as well as what might hypothetically happen in 2024 if these candidates make it into positions of power.

“We may not have to wait until 2024 to see that chaos unfold, because the Midterms themselves are turning into a clusterfuck,” said Oliver. “Vigilantes are already turning up as unofficial poll-watchers at voting drop boxes. Meanwhile, some very prominent voices on the right have been priming people to contest any result on Tuesday that is not a Republican win.”

Come for Oliver’s amusing/troubling breakdown, stay for the Nick Offerman parody PSA right at the end.

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