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Keep the winter blues at bay with these mood boosters

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If you find yourself dreading the deep freeze of winter, you’re definitely not alone. It’s hard to keep your usual sunny disposition when the only blue light you’re getting is from your laptop screen, right?

These peppy pick-me-ups from Walmart might be just what you need to power through the winter like a champ. So turn on the happy lights, snuggle up on the sofa, and ready the cocoa and marshmallows. It’ll be spring before you know it and this gear will see you through.

Somewhere over the retro rainbow

Just looking at this 7.5-inch rainbow LED light will put a smile on your face. It emits a calm pink glow, perfect for chilling out at night, and it automatically turns itself off after 6 hours, in case you fall asleep dreaming of unicorns.

Make it a spa day

This color-changing diffuser not only makes your space smell like a spa, but it also humidifies the air, a bonus if your skin dries out in winter. Add a few drops of the included peppermint oil to stay focused during the day and try the lavender oil to unwind at night.

Go nuts for coconut

Keep your skin dewy this winter with these travel-size skin treats. Start with the coconut body wash, slather on the coconut body butter, spritz on the adaptogen-packed facial spray, and give your kisser a pass of the lip balm. Mwah

Snuggle up in warmth

No hibernation station is complete without this heated buffalo-plaid microfiber throw. Choose between three different heat settings at the push of a button and sprawl out on the sofa under 5 feet of fuzzy warmth. 

Howl at the moon

This light is 3-D printed to look like the real surface of the moon, how cool is that? Put it on your nightstand and switch it up between seven chill colors, or try the strobe setting and have a full-moon party. 

Morning, sunshine

Prepare to be a morning person, for real. This lamp lulls you to sleep to the sounds of the ocean and birds and gently wakes you up in the morn to an LED sunrise simulation. A USB port also charges your phone as an added perk.

Sing away the blues

Nothing boosts your mood like an impromptu karaoke night. This portable speaker has a wireless microphone and LED lights so you can belt out your favorite songs at the top of your lungs and live the dream, with your buds or solo. 

Grab a mug o’ goodness

This 1.7-liter kettle comes in happy colors and boils water for your hot cocoa or chamomile tea in minutes. The auto-shutoff is a perk if you tend to forget you have water boiling and the removable water filter makes for the best-tasting winter bevs ever.

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