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Learn Agile and Scrum project management with this $40 bundle

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TL;DR: As of Jan. 8, you can get the 2023 Agile and Scrum Master Certification Training Bundle for just $39.99 — that’s under $6 per course.

Project management isn’t just one skill. It’s a process of interacting with a goal and a team who can accomplish it, and one of the most popular methodologies is called Scrum, a framework for project management that uses Agile principles. If you want to master Agile and Scrum and prepare for managerial and administrative roles in the future, you could start with the 2023 Agile and Scrum Master Certification Training Bundle. Study the principles of project management through a popular framework in these seven courses on sale for $39.99.

Learn Agile and Scrum 

If this is your first exposure to Agile and Scrum, then you may want to start with Agile in a Nutshell to get a sense of the fundamentals. Start studying the foundational principles of Agile Project Management and Scrum meetings in this course led by Dejan Majkic from Skill Success. Majkic is a digital entrepreneur and trainer with more than 50 international IT certifications, and he’s the instructor for each course in this bundle. That doesn’t mean you’re stuck working on another person’s schedule, though. All course content is available to you for life, so you can learn at your own pace. 

Each course focuses on some skills or principles integral to effective Agile planning or Scrum management. There’s even a course on risk management that could help you define potential risks, assess them, and create contingencies. These skills could help you land your next admin-level job, and the course on landing a Scrum Master Job without experience could help you even more. 

Master Project Management through Agile and Scrum

If you’re new to the concept, Agile and Scrum may sound intimidating, but they’re just tools that could help you thrive in positions that require complex planning and collaboration. For a limited time, get the 2023 Agile and Scrum Master Certification Training Bundle for $39.99 (reg. $1,393). 

Prices subject to change.

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