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Level up your at-home workout with the Peloton Guide, on sale for its best price ever


Save $50: As of Jan. 11, the Peloton Guide is on sale at Amazon for $245. That’s a savings of 17%, and its lowest price ever.

Whether you’re trying to keep your New Year’s resolution or want to jumpstart your fitness journey, you may want to grab the Peloton Guide while it’s on sale.

Thanks to a limited-time sale, you can get the Peloton Guide at Amazon for just $245 — its lowest price ever. That’s $50 off its usual price of $295, and a savings of 17%.

The Peloton Guide is an interactive strength training system that uses AI and innovative camera technology to transform your home into a virtual gym. With the Peloton Guide, you can improve your form during “Self Mode,” a setting that allows you to see yourself on-screen alongside your instructors, no matter what exercise you’re doing. And the Rep Tracking tool counts your reps for you, so you no longer have to spend energy wondering what set you’re on.

The Peloton Guide also offers class recommendations based on your workout history (so you can easily find more hip-hop or Broadway-themed classes taught by your favorite instructors). You can also access Peloton Guide-specific workouts such as Floor Bootcamp (strength training), Split Programs (repetitive workouts with days dedicated to working out specific body parts), and Strength Roll Call.

Note: You’ll need to purchase a Guide membership for $24 per month in order to access content on the Peloton Guide. If you already have an All-Access membership, you should be good to go. Peloton app members can upgrade to the Guide membership, which covers up to five people in your household.

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