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Lizzo went day drinking with Seth Meyers and revealed her most-denied rider request

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Lizzo and Seth Meyers got sloshed together in the Late Night host’s regular day drinking segment, playing drinking games and mixing together drinks that definitely weren’t designed to be mixed. Apparently combining sherry, a margarita, a Bloody Mary, and Dr. Pepper for a “Grrrls”-inspired beverage isn’t the best idea. Who knew?

“Grrrls: who needs to throw up after a long night of drinking, when you can drink Grrrls?” said Lizzo, doing her best to sell the unholy concoction. “This literally tastes like vomit.”

The duo got increasingly giggly during the 17-minute video, with Meyers challenging Lizzo to refrain from laughing at his “nog-nog” jokes and Lizzo mistaking a crew member for actor Paul Rudd. They also played a drinking game based on “Truth Hurts,” in which they had to take a shot unless they honestly answered questions — such what the most absurd rider Lizzo has ever demanded is.

“Strange enough, this isn’t absurd but I did get this response a lot,” said Lizzo “We just travel with so many women [that] I put tampons on the rider. And sometimes we wouldn’t get them and I’d be like, who the fuck is [organising this]?”

For his part, Meyers opted to drink a shot rather than reveal the most famous penis he’s ever seen in real life.

“No!” exclaimed Lizzo. “Are you kidding me? You’ve seen a famous penis?”

“Or I love alcohol,” said Meyers. “Or I love alcohol so much that I’ve seen a lot of famous ones.”

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