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Looking to build a reading habit? Kindle devices are at record-low prices

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Kindle is offering record-low prices on two of its products.

Best Kindle Oasis Deal: Kindle Oasis — Make space for the latest model of this product on your shelf — $184.99 $279.99 (save $95)

Best Kindle Paperwhite Deal: The Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition with wireless charging makes it great for carrying on the go — $129.99 $189.99 (save $60)

Maybe you’re looking to add yet another book to your massive collection, but are falling short on shelf space. Or you just want to get back to your reading habit this winter, armed with hot chocolate and some cozy clothes indoors. Now you can read to your heart’s content with an e-reader, notably with two Kindle models that are on sale at Amazon at their lowest-ever prices through Nov. 22.

Best Kindle Oasis Deal

Why we like it

The compact 7-inch display is not much larger than your average smartphone, which makes it easy to get used to. The sleek e-reader offers Audible support so that you can switch to the audio format while you’re doing the dishes or winding down later in the day. The E Ink display with a screen resolution of 300 PPI makes the reading feel similar to a paperback book. However, Mashable reviewer Raymond Wong has mentioned that this reading tablet does not feel like a major upgrade over its 2017 predecessor. But with 6 weeks of battery life, waterproofing to protect from accidental spills, and adjustable warm light to protect straining on your eyes, this e-reader can be a great choice especially if you are an e-reading novice. And with 3 months of Kindle Unlimited added at no cost instead of its $29.97 price, you can choose from over 2 million eBooks and explore infinite creations.

Best Kindle Paperwhite Deal

Why we like it

The 2021 Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition is even smaller than the Oasis at 6.8 inches. Reading on this Paperwhite feels relatively easy, thanks to its glare-free display which makes it comfortable for reading in both sunny outdoors as well as at night with the lights off. The Signature Edition carries certain benefits, such as an expanded 32GB space over the base model, as well as wireless charging, which makes it great for spending quality time during a long journey. It also carries features similar to the Oasis – 300 PPI screen resolution, light adjustment, IPX8-rated waterproofing, and compatibility with Audible for hands-free usage. With 10 weeks of battery life available, you can charge it now for usage until the end of the year.

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