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Make craft cocktails at home with this Bartesian cocktail machine

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SAVE $76.39: As of Dec. 14, the Bartesian premium cocktail and margarita machine is available for $293.60 at Amazon. That’s a savings of 21%.

With the holiday season here, parties are the norm. And even if you don’t have any bartending experience, you still want to wow guests with festive drinks when you invite them into your home. This Bartesian Machine will make your life easier and keep the drinks flowing.

As of Dec. 14, the Bartesian premium cocktail and margarita machine is down to $293.60 on Amazon, which is 21% lower than its MSRP of $369.99. If you’re a novice at mixing drinks, this machine could be a celebratory lifesaver.

The process is simple: Store your base spirits in the four reservoirs on the machine. Then, insert one of your preferred cocktail capsules — which contains the ingredients (like juice concentrates and bitters) for a pre-selected cocktail (like a margarita or cosmopolitan) — into the mixing machine and select the drink strength, from mocktail to strong. When you press mix, the smart machine perfectly combines your cocktail’s required spirit with the capsule’s contents. Voila!

Cocktail capsules are sold separately, but you can get a pack of 18 capsules for under $43, which will cost you a lot less than a night out on the town. And with a mocktail option available with this device, your sober friends will never feel left behind. Party on!

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