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Multiple sizes of a crowd favorite 2022 Samsung QLED TV are at record-low pricing


Save up to 40%: As of Jan. 24, a handful of 2022 Samsung QLED TVs are at new all-time-low pricing at Amazon. Here’s a quick glance at the deals:

Samsung 85-inch QN90B Neo QLED Mini LED 4K TV$2,697.99 $4,497.99 (save $1,800)

Samsung 55-inch S95B OLED TV$1,447.99 $2,197.99 (save $750)

Samsung 75-inch QN85B Neo QLED Mini LED 4K TV$1,797.99 $2,597.99 (save $800)

The new era of Samsung TVs was unveiled at CES in early January.

For some, this means plotting a budget around a pricey new 2023 TV that uses a considerable amount of repeated technology. For others, this means confidently waiting for exactly what’s happening at Amazon right now: Several of Samsung’s flagship QLEDs (plus an OLED) from 2022 dropping to not-so-flagship prices.

The dance of 2023 TVs debuting and last year’s TVs going on sale just so happens to conveniently precede the biggest football game of the year, and the juiciest discounts in this Samsung sale happen to be on the large 75-inch and 85-inch models. (Note: A ✨ below denotes that the model listed is at its lowest price ever.)

If you’re in the market for a bright new big screen for your Super Bowl watch party on Feb. 12, here are some killer upgrades:

Samsung QN90B Neo QLED Mini LED 4K TV

Our absolute favorite TV for watching sports (especially in bright rooms) is Samsung’s QN90B. The QN90B boasts backlighting precision, HDR crispiness, and sheer illumination to make the ball and small scores legible at all times — groundbreaking, we know.

Colors are not only punchy but accurately saturated thanks to the teamwork of the Neo QLED tech (which lays a filter of color-boosting quantum dots over the LED panel) and mini LEDs of the lighting panel (which are smaller than usual to pack extra detail on the screen).

43-inch$897.99 $1,197.99 (save $300) ✨

50-inch$1,197.99 $1,497.99 (save $300)

55-inch$1,297.99 $1,697.99 (save $400) ✨

65-inch$1,697.99 $2,297.99 (save $600)

75-inch$2,197.99 $3,197.99 (save $1,000) ✨

85-inch$2,697.99 $4,497.99 (save $1,800) ✨

Samsung S95B OLED 4K TV

Samsung’s first attempt at a QD-OLED TV didn’t miss. Rather than relying on some sort of external backlighting, this OLED panel is self-emissive. These pixels are individually controlled by the TV itself based on the content and lighting of the room — an approach that nails contrast and deep blacks.

This makes the S95B the ideal choice for people who game or watch movies in the dark, or who complained that House of the Dragon had too many muddy dark scenes.

55-inch$1,447.99 $2,197.99 (save $750) ✨

65-inch$1,797.99 $2,997.99 (save $1,200)

Samsung QN85B Neo QLED Mini LED 4K TV

For a more budget-friendly-but-still-premium QLED option, Amazon also has the QN85B on sale. The 75-inch and 85-inch models are seeing the best discounts, making each $400 cheaper than the corresponding size of the QN90B.

Since it’s a quality step down, the QN85B expectedly doesn’t get as bright or offer contrast as stark. But don’t forget that it would still beat out most mid-range competitors on the market. As a QLED mini LED combo, the QN85B still gets solid marks for vibrant color, and it’s a crowd favorite for gaming.

55-inch$1,197.99 $1,397.99 (save $200)

65-inch$1,697.99 $1,897.99 (save $200)

75-inch$1,797.99 $2,597.99 (save $800) ✨

85-inch $2,247.99 $3,497.99 (save $1,050) ✨

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