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Need a budget smart TV? This onn. is only $88.

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SAVE $50: As of Dec. 8, the onn. 24-inch Roku Smart TV is on sale for $88 at Walmart. That’s a savings of 36%.

Televisions used to be humble boxes with limited options, but that’s changed a lot over the past several decades. TV manufacturers have come up with innovative ways to help us get access to tons of entertainment goodies, but they don’t always come cheap.

Thankfully, as of Dec. 8, the onn. 24-inch Roku Smart TV is now at a price of only $88 at Walmart. This is a 36% discount on its usual price of $130 and exists thanks to the megaretailer’s holiday deals. Onn. is also one of Walmart’s own electronics brands.

This 24-inch LED TV has a 720p resolution so you can enjoy your favorite HD shows and films. With its relatively compact size, this is a great TV for people who need to save space or want a backup television for their bedroom. In the box is also a Roku remote. Worried about misplacing it? You can also use the free Roku app with this Smart TV.

Do you use Alexa, Apple Home, or Google Home? You can link this TV to your home assistant of choice. The TV includes 3 HDMI connections, a headphone jack, a coaxial cable connection, USB, composite, and optical connection. Users praise its easy setup but also make note of the fact you might need a second accessory to truly accentuate the sound on this TV.

That being said, a Smart TV for under $100 is a great find for yourself or as a gift. It’s sure to go fast as everyone does their holiday shopping.

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