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Need a home gym upgrade? This Schwinn IC4 is 50% off.

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SAVE $500: As of Dec. 13, the Schwinn IC4 indoor exercise bike is on sale for $499.99 at Best Buy. That’s a savings of 50%.

Cold weather can make working out a challenge. Thankfully, a great home setup will ensure you get your desired amount of cardio without having to go outside in freezing weather.

As of Dec. 13, the Schwinn IC4 indoor exercise bike is on sale for $499.99 at Best Buy. Normally sold for $999.99, this is a whopping $500, or 50% off. Note that in order to access this sale you need to create a free My Best Buy account and log in. All that’s required to create your free account is your email, a password, and a mobile phone number (for password recovery purposes). Without the account, you’ll see the regular price on the tech retailer’s site.

Indoor exercise bike enthusiasts consider the Schwinn a reliable Peloton dupe. With 100 micro-adjustable resistance levels, this exercise bike is suitable for athletes of all levels. Its adjustable seat, premium grip handles, and bike pedals will keep you safe, steady, and comfortable.

Best Buy is also throwing in a complimentary 1-year JRNY membership with this bike, and you can fully take advantage of the bike’s LCD display monitor. 3 lb. dumbells are included if you’re up for a slightly more intense workout. The bike holds up to 330 lbs. and requires an at-home setup.

This offer is sure to go fast, so take advantage of it while you can.

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