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Need a study buddy? This HP 11.6″ Chromebook is $79.

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Save $19: As of November 14, this HP 11.6″ Chromebook is on sale for $79 at Walmart, $19 less than the original price. That’s 20% off.

Though most parents shop for school supplies and corresponding electronics at the end of summer, the holiday season is another great time to update Chromebooks for the student in your life. With online shopping options, avoid crowds and find great deals.

Walmart is often overlooked as a place to get great electronics, but this HP 11.6″ Chromebook is proof that the megastore is committed to budget-friendly cost and value. At only $79, Walmart’s price is sure to make parents happy. At $19 off the original sticker price, parents and students will get a Chromebook that can stand up to any school challenge for less than the price of a textbook.

This particular Chromebook is the perfect size for students of all ages. It’s also drop-resistant, waterproof, and has metal-reinforced edges. It was made to withstand all manner of potential crises and is extremely playground-proof.

What about adults who simply need a budget-friendly laptop? This Chromebook is for you too. With 4GB RAM, a 32GB memory pack, and 2.4 GHz speed, you’ll be able to write essays, take quizzes, and use all manner of work and university-related apps — all without sacrificing your finances. With promising features and a great price, make sure to get your hands on this deal while supplies last.

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