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Reverse Stop and Starts and Kegels- Erect or Flaccid: Ask The Experts

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Reverse Stop and Starts and Kegels- Erect or Flaccid: Ask The Experts

Big Al, of, answers questions about Reverse Stop and Starts and performing Kegels.

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Q. I just started your training but I have the problem of lasting too long during sex or masturbation. What do I do to fix this?

Al: In your case, you’ll want to substitute the standard Stop and Starts with the Reverse Stop and Starts.

The Reverse Start and Stops is performed as followed:

Essentially, you use a very light grip and attempt to bring yourself to orgasm as quickly as possible- with no “stops”. The light grip is key.

This would be performed at the end of your session before your warm down (in lieu of the standard Stop and Starts).

Q2. So instead of edging for multiple minutes stopping and starting before orgasm., I would essentially try to reach orgasm as quick as possible with a very light grip not stopping before ejaculation. But trying cum as quick as possible with a very light grip?

Al: This is correct. Note- It only takes a few of these sessions to reset your sensory threshold!

Q. What percentage of erection should I use for my Erect Kegels, and what’s the difference with performing them erect of flaccid?

Al: For Erect Kegels, attempt to stay at 90% EQ or better.

While both movements are good, The Erect Kegel is a vastly superior exercise than its flaccid counterpart. Along with both movements training the pubococcygeal muscles, Erect Kegels also help to drive more blood to the penis, create increased tissue expansion, and increase venous sufficiency. This also aids in the recovery process.

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