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Save $100 on this Chi Machine that can help rock away winter aches

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TL;DR: Through Dec. 15, you can grab the Vitality Swing Chi Machine for only $236.79 instead of $350 when you use the code WINTER20 at checkout. That’s a savings of 32%.

You’re not imagining it. Your muscles and joints really can hurt more in the cold weather, but you may be able to help relieve some of that pain with a Chi Machine. These simple machines are relaxing to use and may help relieve the soreness in your back and legs by improving circulation. Normally, Chi Machines are pretty pricey, but until Dec. 15, you can get the Vitality Swing for just $236.79 with code WINTER20.

Fight those cold weather aches and pains 

If you’ve noticed the aches in your legs fading once you get moving, it might be the cold weather influencing your blood circulation. Usually, doctors recommend elevating your legs or doing something active, and the Vitality Swing gives you both. The raised padded ankle cradles keep your feet comfortable while a 40W motor gently rocks you in a wave-like motion. It’s not necessarily exercise, but it may help improve your circulation and reduce your winter pains. 

Lay back and adjust the pace until you find one that’s comfortable. Some Chi Machines have their controls on the base of the machine, but that’s not exactly convenient. Just use the corded speed controller to adjust the pace or turn your machine on or off. 

The soothing rocking motion can be relaxing. Don’t worry about falling asleep. There’s an automatic 15-minute shut-off. 

Start a new winter routine

You aren’t necessarily stuck with sore legs until spring. Make a session with a Chi Machine part of your morning routine and see how you feel. For just two days, get the Vitality Swing for an extra 20% off using code WINTER20. With that additional discount, you can get the Vitality Swing for the lowest price we’ve ever offered in the Mashable Shop, now through December 15 at 11:59 p.m. PT. Use that same coupon for an extra 20% off anything in the Winter Savings collection

Prices subject to change.

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