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Save 24% on this dog DNA test and find out your pup’s unique heritage

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TL;DR: Through Dec. 8, you can get the DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test for just $59.99 instead of $79 — that’s a 24% discount.

You may know your dog’s favorite food, which toy they like to cuddle, and which one they like to chew, but there’s a whole lot more that makes them unique. Learning more about your dog could help you discover their history and unique quirks and identify specific health concerns. If you want to learn more about your dog, all you need is a swab of their cheek and a DNA Dog Breed Identification Test. 

This simple test kit could teach you something new about your furry friend, and you can make sure it arrives in time for the holidays if you need a gift for a dog lover, and it’s on sale for $59.99 (reg. $79) — no coupon necessary. If you order by December 8, your kit will arrive just in time for Christmas.

A painless doggy DNA test kit 

All it takes is a swab of the cheek and a little time, and you can learn much more about your best friend. Take the swab, send it in, and you’ll get a full report emailed back in two weeks. 

That report will review your dog’s DNA composition, including a breed breakdown that will tell you more about your dog’s personality traits. Knowing your dog’s breed makeup can even help you predict potential health issues. Find out if your dog might be predisposed to specific genetic health concerns or diseases, so your vet can keep an eye out and give your dog the happiest, healthiest time they can. DNA My Dog supports over 100 breeds, and you can check the complete list here

DNA My Dog won the 2020 GHP Biotechnology award for ethical canine genetic testing. They’re an expert group that could help you uncover some of your dog’s hidden history and help you take even better care of them. 

Learn more about your dog 

Find out what your dog can’t tell you. According to DNA My Dog, the Breed Identification Test is totally painless, and you can get it on sale for $59.99 (reg. $79). Order by December 8 to ensure it arrives in time for the holidays. 

Prices subject to change.

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