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Save $50 on this guitar trainer, and get it in time for Christmas

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TL;DR: Through Dec. 8, you can get the Jamstik® Guitar Trainer for just $179.99 instead of $229.

The guitar is often called one of the best instruments to try first. Like the piano, it’s easy to learn initially, hard to master, and you can jam to some great tunes with it. Gift shopping for instruments is a tough process, especially if you live with the person who’s going to be practicing. A gift to a young musician can also be a gift to you. The Jamstik® Guitar Trainer is an app-powered guitar practice tool, and you can plug headphones into it for a silent practice session. 

For a limited time, the Jamstik® is only $179.99. Order by December 8 to make sure it ships in time for the holidays. 

A way to practice guitar that everyone at home can enjoy 

The Jamstik® may look like half an instrument, but it’s the whole package. The tactical D-Pad and spring-loaded strings mimic the feeling of a real guitar, and the small size makes it a lot easier to transport. You might be hard-pressed to fit a whole guitar in a backpack — luckily, the Jamstik® is only 18 inches long. 

Pair the Jamstik® with iOS devices or open up the page in your browser and start playing. The app is also a teacher that will give you instructions and chord layouts online. The app will even mirror your finger placement on the Jamstik® so you can see what you’re doing and correct your form. 

Picks are included along with batteries and the Jamstik® app. Practice long enough with your guitar trainer, and you may be ready to really rock when you get a full guitar. 

A guitar trainer you can take almost anywhere 

Don’t fret because you saw a guitar on your loved one’s wish list. This realistic guitar trainer could strike a chord with them instead, and you can make sure it arrives in time for the holidays if you purchase it by December 8. Get the Jamstik® Guitar Trainer while it’s only $179.99 (reg. $229). 

Prices subject to change.

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