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Save £70 on the Fire HD 10 Tablet this Black Friday

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SAVE £70: The Fire HD 10 tablet is on sale for £79.99 this Black Friday, saving you 47% on list price.

Sometimes bigger is better. That’s certainly the case on Black Friday. The bigger the discount the better. That’s also true of the Fire HD 10 tablet. It’s the biggest tablet from the Fire HD range, with an impressive 10.1-inch high-definition display. Fortunately, the Fire HD 10 tablet is included in the Black Friday sale at Amazon, giving you a big discount on this big device.

This tablet has dropped to £79.99. That’s a massive saving of 47% on list price. This deal will be available until Nov. 29, but why wait? It’s too good to miss at this price.

What can the Fire HD 10 tablet do? It’s more a case of what can’t it do. It offers superb value at this price — an all-in-one smart tablet that rivals more expensive competition when it comes to features.

This tablet supports all the top streaming apps — Netflix, Prime, Disney, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, and more — giving you hours and hours of entertainment. There’s also access to Amazon Kids+ for child-focused features, plus video calls, music, and Alexa for voice control. Just ask Alexa and she can help with all sorts of tasks. She can tell you the weather, help manage your smart home, and even tell you jokes.

There’s up to 64MB of storage plus a beefed-up RAM of 3MB — a 50% increase on previous models. It also comes in a selection of colours, all of which are included in the deal.

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