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Slice $399 off this set of 5 Japanese chef knives


TL;DR: As of Dec. 15, you can get the Ryori Shefu: Japanese Folded Steel Chef Knife Set on sale for just $199.20 instead of $599 when you use the code WINTER20 at checkout. That’s

If your New Year’s resolution is to save money or cook more at home, a great set of knives could help you on both accounts. Well-crafted kitchen knives might make cooking at home fun, which is still more affordable than dining out. If you’re ready to get started, then pick up the Ryori™ Shefu: Japanese Folded Steel Chef Knife Set for just $199.20 with coupon WINTER20. This sale is only going on until December 15 at 11:59 pm Pacific, so there’s not much time to spare. 

High-quality Damascus chef knives 

Whip up something tasty with this set of five beautiful chef knives. Each blade has been sharpened to a razor 15-degree edge and hand-finished to a mirror polish. Normally, such a fine edge would only be reserved for gliding through soft foods, but these blades are made from 67 layers of nitrogen-cooled stainless steel with an imported Japanese VG10 cutting core. 

All of that combines for an extremely hard blade that can retain its edge through rigorous use. You’ll still have to hone and sharpen your knives, but it shouldn’t happen nearly as often. 

As pretty as these knives are, the real art is what you make with them. The eight-inch Nakiri and Santoku knives both work well for chopping and cutting vegetables while the two chef knives are more versatile. The five-inch Shefu utility knife works like a traditional paring knife and may help with precision knife work. Each knife has an ultra-premium ebony and rosewood handle that is beautiful, resilient, and comfortable to hold. 

Five Japanese chef knives for a huge discount 

Upgrade your kitchen accessories and get the Ryori™ Shefu: Japanese Folded Steel Chef Knife Set for $199.20 with coupon code WINTER20. Use that same coupon code for an extra 20% off any item in this Winter Savings Collection until December 15.

Prices subject to change. 

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