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Snag a Black+Decker handheld cordless vacuum for just $34

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Save $13.99: As of Dec. 14, the Black+Decker dustbuster cordless handheld vacuum is on sale for $34 at Amazon. That’s a savings of 29%.

Mess is inevitable, and pet hair and dust will unfortunately always swirl among us. But thankfully there are inexpensive dustbusters available to help us clean up, fast. And with holiday sales still going strong, it’s a great time to stock up on an extra gadget or two to get rid of rubbish.

As of Dec. 14, the Black+Decker dustbuster cordless handheld vacuum is available on Amazon for $34. Usually sold at $47.99, you’ll save $13.99, or 29%, on this simple device. This handheld vacuum is both cordless and bagless; any dirt it picks up goes straight into its dirt bowl, which you can empty at your leisure.

This handheld vacuum only weighs about two pounds, so you can easily take it anywhere that needs your attention (like that often-messy area near the cat litter box). Its cloth filter can be cleaned in the sink, and the vacuum includes a charger, push-in brush for cleaning upholstery, and crevice tool. Battery life can vary depending on how much surface area you want to cover, but any quick messes are a breeze to clean.

Check out this deal while it’s still live.

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