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Stay hydrated with Brita water filter deals on Amazon


We know you might be drinking a lot of hot chocolate, eggnog, and wine this time of year; don’t forget to drink some water now and then too. Grab a Brita water filter or water bottle deal and stay hydrated through this winter and beyond.

BEST PLASTIC WATER BOTTLE: The Brita insulated filtered water bottle with straw is stylish, chic, and easy to take on errands and adventures. $17.76 $22.99 (save $5.23)

BEST STAINLESS STEEL WATER BOTTLE: The Brita insulated stainless steel filtered water bottle with straw is sturdy and has a capacity of up to two pounds of water. $35.27 $41.49 (save $6.22)

BEST WATER FILTER PITCHER: The Brita large water filter pitcher ensures a fresh supply of clean water for all of your at-home needs. $31.49 $53.79 (save $22.27)

BEST WATER DISPENSER: The Brita XL water filter dispenser is great for gatherings, large families, pets, and those who take hydration seriously. $45.89 $53.99 (save $8.10)

Why we like it

This sleek and stylish water filter bottle includes a straw and has the capacity to carry up to 26 fluid ounces. Its carrying loop will help you take it with you wherever you go, and the bottle fits into most car cupholders as well. Stay hydrated without having to resort to single-use plastic water bottles. Always in a rush? You can wash the components of this water bottle on the top rack of your dishwasher.

Why we like it

This tough Brita water filter bottle is made for outdoorsy people, and for those who like to know their water will stay at the same temperature for up to 24 hours. Its leakproof lid will ensure you’ll never lose a precious drop while out hiking or running errands.

Why we like it

With a capacity of up to 10 cups of water and a discount of $22.27 off its typical price, the Brita large water filter pitcher is great for families. Made with BPA-free plastic, this pitcher fits most refrigerator doors and features an easy-to-use top lid so refills are effortless. Like other Brita products, this will get rid of pesky chlorine, metals, and other annoying tastes that get in the way of your hydration and health goals.

Why we like it

The Brita XL water filter dispenser will keep a steady supply of water for large families, pets, and gatherings. The powerful filter gets rid of metals and other elements that make water taste foul so you’ll always have fresh water on hand (and cold water if you keep it in fridge). Note that this particular water dispenser needs to be cleaned by hand and without the use of abrasives.

With these Brita deals, you’ll be sure to have clean, fresh-tasting water during one of the most stressful times of the year. Water filters and accessories are sold separately. Check these deals out while they’re still around.

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