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The best electric kettles for every kitchen

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Making the perfect cup of tea is something that takes years of practice. It’s not as simple as boiling some water, adding a tea bag, and then dropping some milk into the mix. No, it’s a true artform — a delicate process that must be refined over time.

We’re not here to tell you how to master the art, because everyone follows a slightly different routine. What we will say is that anyone who puts the milk in first should take a long hard look at themselves. (Seriously, do you not have any standards?)

Now that’s out of the way, we can focus on what you’ll need to make the perfect brew. Good quality mugs and tea bags are essential, but the kettle is probably the most important element to consider. Think of the kettle as the artist’s canvas. You won’t brew any tea without it. And if you’re an enthusiastic caffeine-quaffer, the kettle is going to be put through its paces. Which means you should invest in something that can cope with the demand.

What features do kettles offer?

Factors and buzzwords you’ll want to focus on are built-in indicator lights, removable filters, temperature settings, water capacity, and the smart interface. It’s also good to think about how tall each kettle stands for storage purposes, how fast it can bring water to a boil, and how much heat it can withstand. Once you’ve given careful consideration to all of these factors, you can actually buy something.

Are plastic kettles safe?

Many electric kettles boil in plastic, which you could probably guess is unsafe. When plastic is boiled, the chemicals held within it can seep into whatever you’re preparing.

Plastic kettles are cheaper and the options are bountiful, but in all honesty, it isn’t worth it unless you can find one that’s totally BPA-free or made from silicone. We generally recommend going for either a glass or stainless steel electric kettle. 

What is variable temperature control?

We’ve honed in on this feature because it’s increasingly relevant in the age of herbal teas, serious coffee habits, and everything else. And hey, maybe you just like your hot drinks at a specific temperature. Variable temperature control allows you to set the water to heat to a temperature of your choosing. You won’t find it on cheaper kettles, though it’s increasingly common on pricier models.

How much does a kettle cost?

A kettle costs as much as you want it to — or as much as you’re willing to spend. You can pick up a kettle from as little as £15, if you want to go seriously basic, or you can spend over £100 if you’re looking for something with lots of features. We’ve included a selection of kettles at every price point.

What is the best kettle?

We have tried to make the selection process a little easier by lining up a selection of the best electric kettles from top brands like Sage, Smeg, and Black & Decker. All you need to do is pick your favourite.

These are some of the best electric kettles in 2022.

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