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The best gift ideas for couples

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We’ve got your back at this time of year. We’ve already given you a handful of gift guides for specific people, from best gifts for gamers to best gifts for men. But maybe we’re missing something. Because you’re not always gifting to one single individual. That’s where couples gifts come in.

So, when is it acceptable to give a joint gift? You might not know either partner well enough individually to give a personal gift, but you know you have to get them something. Your cousin might have married a horrendous guy but you can’t give a gift only to her right in front of him. Or you might need to buy one gift instead of two if you’re on a budget.

Of course, there’s also the best case scenario: They’re both your best friends and you’d love to find your favourite pair a gift that they can both use together, forever.

Instead of gifting some atrocious teapot set that looks like it’s straight off your grandma’s wedding registry from 1940, we’re suggesting modern stuff that can improve their lives on a daily basis. These are items to slow down mornings where they barely get to see each other, to spice up date night, to make keeping track of kids easier, or just to celebrate finding each other.

It may seem like just another tech gadget to you, but to them, it’s the helping hand their relationship deserves.

These are the best gifts for couples in 2022.

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