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The best headphones for Android devices

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This content originally appeared on Mashable for a US audience and has been adapted for the UK audience.

All Android smartphones come bundled with earphones for you to get listening to your favourite music or podcasts immediately, but they’re rarely that impressive. It’s a better idea to purchase a separate pair of headphones or earphones that suit your needs, providing you know what to consider.

First of all, it’s important to think about when you’re going to be using your headphones. Do you want to block out background noise while you’re on your daily commute? Do you want a pair that are great while you’re running or working out at the gym? Or do you just want to relax at home, listening to music through your headphones, perhaps even while you sleep? 

These sort of questions will help you find the best wireless headphones for your Android device.

Are Beats compatible with Android devices? 

Apple bought headphone manufacturer Beats back in 2014, so it might seem like you can’t use Beats headphones with your Android phone. That’s not actually the case. You can definitely hook up your Beats with your Android smartphone, although you won’t be able to use Quick Glance to see your battery life, and obviously there’s no Siri support.

More importantly though, there are better headphones out there for your Android smartphone than a Beats set.

What are the best wireless headphones for Android?

While Apple owners can assume that AirPods Pro are the best all-rounders for them, Android owners don’t have a one size fits all solution. It mostly comes down to what you intend on using them for, which is why it’s worth thinking about your plan, and also why we’ve divided up our favourites according to certain scenarios in life.

Should you buy the cheapest pair?

You could buy the cheapest set, but it’s not worth it. If you’re looking to go easy on your wallet, stick with the pair that came standard when you purchased your Android smartphone. This is only really a worthwhile plan if you’e prone to losing headphones. Instead, if you regularly enjoy music or podcasts, it’s worth investing in a more expensive pair that offers more useful features like active noise cancellation or companion apps.

What are the best headphones for Android?

To help you find something that will work for you and your Android device, we have tracked down a selection of your best options. We’ve done the research, read the online reviews, and have come up with a list of the best headphones for Android users.

These are the best headphones for Android devices in 2022.

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