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The best ideas for last-minute gifts (that will actually arrive on time)


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Oops, you did it again. You waited until the last minute to get a gift. You love your parents, boyfriend/girlfriend, friends, and other family members, but sometimes they’re hard to shop for and time just gets away from you.

We get it and we’re not here to judge. Rather, we are here to help. Finding a last-minute gift that’s actually meaningful is hard, but it’s not impossible. There are still ways to get personalised or sentimental gifts even in a time crunch.

Gift cards are generally the first thought when it comes to last-minute gifts, and while those are great, they’re not your only option. Throughout this guide, you will see some gift cards, but don’t feel like you’re stuck getting one.

Depending on how last-minute you’re pushing it, there are actually some really great gifts you can get. This is especially true if you’re an Amazon Prime member and get free one-day shipping. As long as your last-minute shopping doesn’t happen literally hours before Christmas Day, you should be golden ordering something from Amazon.

Safe bets for last-minute gifting include online services, items with digital delivery, stuff with fast shipping, and subscription services. Check out some unique options below.

These are the best last-minute gifts ideas in 2022.

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