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The new Nintendo Switch version of ‘Goldeneye 007’ has one major advantage over Xbox

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One of the best video games ever made is making its triumphant return on Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles this week. However, Xbox owners got the short end of the stick in one major regard.

On Friday, Goldeneye 007 is finally getting an official re-release after 27 years of being stuck on the Nintendo 64. What’s even better is that it’s available via the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscription ($50/year) and Xbox Game Pass ($10/mo), so you don’t even have to buy it if you already pay for one of those services.

However, it should be noted that these appear to be two different versions of the game with some major differences. Particularly of note is that online multiplayer is exclusive to the Switch version; if you want to recreate all those college dorm room deathmatches with your homies who all live in different cities now, you can’t do that on Xbox.

What you can do on Xbox is play the game in 4K and widescreen with new control options to make it feel more like a modern shooter. It’s also got achievements so you can boost your Gamerscore using all those tricks you used to beat the game a quarter of a century ago.

Of course, the Xbox version has split-screen multiplayer, so if your homies all live in the same city, you can make that dorm room magic happen again. Just remember: No screen-peeking, and no Oddjob.

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