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This easy-install bidet is on sale for $30

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TL;DR: As of Dec. 6, you can get the Slim Twist Bidet Attachment for just $29.99 instead of $49 — that’s a 39% discount.

If you feel like you’ve been spending more to buy less toilet paper, you’re not wrong. In 2020, the average American spent around $181 a year on toilet paper, but prices have been going up while rolls are slimming down

Do your budget a favor and reduce how much toilet paper you need by getting a bidet. Even a simple bidet attachment could help you cut down on your toilet paper costs by up to 75%. The slim Twist Bidet Attachment is easy to install and on sale for $29.99, but it won’t stay that low for long. 

Save money and the trees

The Slim Twist is about as low-maintenance as you could get with a bidet. The slim design slides right under your toilet seat, then you just have to connect it to a power source. No electricity or batteries are required. Clean up with adjustable water pressure controlled by a comfort twist knob on the side of your seat. That water comes from a dual nozzle system that’s ready for all types of bodies. 

If you have a big pack of guests coming for the holidays, a bidet could help you avoid paying more for bathroom supplies. It might also help keep your pipes happy if you can avoid all that extra paper going down the drain. 

You’re not just saving money by using a bidet. You might not think your bathroom habits have much of an impact on nature, but you could help save nearly 400 trees over the course of your life just by limiting your toilet paper consumption.

Give your pipes a break 

Want to give your budget room to breathe? Skip the tissue paper and get an easy-install bidet. Get the Slim Twist Bidet Attachment while it only costs $29.99 (reg. $49). 

Prices subject to change.

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