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This hidden camera detector makes a great gift for travelers, and it’s on sale


TL;DR: Through Dec. 15, you can score the Scout Hidden Camera Detector for just $27.99 (reg. $89.99) or a two-pack for $51.99 (reg. $179.98) with the code WINTER20.

Holiday traveling is stressful enough trying to make sure you packed everything, make good time in traffic, and lots of other factors. One thing you shouldn’t have to be concerned about is hidden cameras In a hotel or Airbnb — so you can set your mind at ease using a Scout Hidden Camera Detector. This point-and-shoot camera detector could help you search your room high and low. Get a Scout Hidden Camera Detector for just $27.99, or a two-pack for $51.99 with code WINTER20. But hurry, this sale ends December 15 at 11:59 p.m. PT. 

How to check for hidden cameras 

If you feel uncomfortable in your hotel or Airbnb, there’s no harm in checking for hidden cameras. In most cases, you probably won’t find anything. The Scout makes it pretty obvious if there’s a camera nearby. Just look through the viewfinder with the LED pointing away from you. If you see a red pinpoint of light, that’s a lens reflecting back at you. If you go through your room and can’t find anything, that’s a good sign you can get comfortable. Two practice lenses are included so you can get used to pinpointing hidden cameras yourself. 

Alternative hidden camera detectors exist, but many of them are expensive, bulky, or both. If you’re a private investigator, you might benefit from one of those heavy-duty detectors. If you just want a simple way to double-check that your travel lodgings are safe and your privacy is protected, the Scout is an easy, pocket-sized solution. It helps that you can get it for a bargain, but not for much longer. 

A two-pack of hidden camera detectors

Checking for hidden cameras just got a lot easier. Get a Scout Hidden Camera Detector on sale for $27.99, or pick up a two-pack for $51.99 with code WINTER20. You only have until December 15 at 11:59 p.m. PT to take advantage of this sale, and don’t forget to take a peek at the rest of the Winter Collection of goodies. 

Prices subject to change.

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