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This online electrical engineers bootcamp is on sale for under £20

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TL;DR: The Electrical Engineers Power Systems Bootcamp Bundle is on sale for £16.81, saving you 97% on list price.

Electrical engineering is an exciting career that could be intellectually and financially rewarding, but it’s definitely challenging. So whether you’re going to school to enter the field or preparing for job interviews, supplemental education might come in handy. The Electrical Engineers Power Systems Bootcamp Bundle offers four courses totaling 15 hours of rigorous tutelage on some of the software and skills you’ll need in electrical engineering — and it’s all on sale for £16.81.

This bundle isn’t a replacement for formal education, but most formal classes move at a pace you can’t control. That’s not the case with this bundle. You can pause or revisit the video lectures and lesson materials whenever necessary. All course materials are available for life, so the only one setting the pace is you. Plus, the classes are accessible 24/7 on your desktop and mobile devices. 

You can listen to Electrical Power Systems, Power System Stability, and Motor Acceleration lectures from professionals at the Elektrik Power Academy. Study one-line diagrams, design and solve power system practical problems, perform “what if” studies on multiple scenarios, and get familiar with many of the questions you might answer in an actual engineering classroom.

While these courses are geared toward EE beginners, they do ask for an “electrical background.” Experienced electrical engineers may find the material to be a valuable review, and new students could turn this into an exciting challenge.

Textbooks come and go, usually at great cost. But if you want to start studying to be an electrical engineer, then there’s something you can do to take your education into your hands. For a limited time, you can purchase the Electrical Engineers Power Systems Bootcamp Bundle for just £16.81. 

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