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This service is designed to make better wine more affordable

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TL;DR: As of Dec. 8, you can get wines from Naked Wines for $50 off $84.99 on your first order — which equates to six curated bottles for $34.99, with shipping included.

Many of us aren’t quite sure what the best deals are when ordering a bottle or glass of wine at a restaurant or shop. While wine can provide a delicious and exciting experience, it can also be overpriced and confusing. In fact, just last year, American wineries sold over $78 billion worth of wine, with many store owners, restaurateurs, and middlemen getting cuts before the winemaker gets paid. 

Naked Wines is turning the wine industry on its head with a direct-to-consumer service that makes premium wine more affordable. This subscription-based service offers deals on over 170 award-winning wines, a 100% hassle-free refund guarantee on every bottle, and up to 60% off retail pricing. By cutting out several players in the supply chain, Naked Wines can offer better deals for comparable bottles than shops and restaurants and supports world-class, independent winemakers in the process. 

The process to get started with Naked Wines is fast and easy, beginning with a four-question quiz. From there, the site teaches users about how money is allocated to middlemen in the traditional wine industry, and how Naked Wines helps winemakers and consumers benefit instead with its modern, streamlined system. 

To demonstrate the benefits of their innovative model in action, the Naked Wines website shows each bottle’s market price alongside its member, or “Angel,” price. For example, a 4.5-star bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon with over 230 reviews costs $21.99 in a typical wine shop, but only $11.99 for Naked Wines Angels. Customers can get better wine for less, and the winemaker puts more in their pocket from your purchase. 

Sign up for Naked Wines and get $50 off $84.99 on your first order — which equates to six curated bottles for $34.99, with shipping included.

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