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This utility box cutter should come in handy this holiday season, and it’s on sale

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TL;DR: As of Nov. 9, you can get the RAZOR Box Cutter for just $29.99 instead of $35 — that’s a 14% discount.

If ever there was a season where you need a box cutter always on-hand, it’s this one. Between unwrapping presents, unpacking decorations, or just getting ready for a big move, the RAZOR box cutter could be a sharp choice for just $29.99. 

A miniature box cutter with a razor edge 

This compact box cutter can power through packing tape, but it also hides other useful utilities. It’s not just boxes this little blade can open. It’s also a can opener, bottle opener, pry bar, and hex wrench. Whether you’re getting your kid’s new bike ready to ride or popping open a can of paint for a DIY gift, this box cutter could be great to have around. And when you’re done working, pop the top on a cold drink with the same tool you used to unpack your supplies.

As much as the other functions are exciting, the RAZOR is branded as a box cutter, and it’s equipped to do that job well. The blade is made from 440C high-carbon steel that should keep its edge through a lot of boxes. That blade has a black coating to keep your blade looking clean even as it shears through box after box. 

The whole tool is just 3.46-inches long while it’s open, and you can hang it from your keychain, too. This season, you can make sure you always have a box cutter ready, whether you’re prying open packages or covertly getting a gift prepped to be wrapped

A holiday-friendly utility knife 

Whether you’re slicing open toy packaging, shearing through pesky tape, or just trying to make the packing debris fit into the dumpster, this compact box cutter may get the job done. Get the RAZOR Box Cutter on sale for $29.99 (reg. $35). 

Prices subject to change.

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